The First Six-uplet Sisters Were Born; Here Are Their Current Appearances 39 Years Later

For many years, Janet and Graham have also daydreamed about having children. They even had trouble imagining themselves as the parents of a big family all at once.

Life of World's First All-Girl Sextuplets Now, 36 Years after They Were Born

The incident occurred after the couple tried unsuccessfully for several years to conceive. Finally, Janet became pregnant after her thirteenth attempt.

The initial ultrasound showed, to their great amazement, that they were expecting six children at once.

They astonished and amazed me for a moment!

Experts drove Janet to the neighborhood hospital so they could manage her.

She thus gave birth to six lovely daughters on November 18, 1983.

The World's First Known Surviving Set of All-Girl Sextuplets ~ Vintage  Everyday

It was really difficult for the couple in the beginning to properly care for their kids.

Yet in the end, they were able to arrange all the difficulties and challenges.

As the school years arrived, they were really proud of their intelligent daughters to watch them always interacting and being close to one another.

They are close friends now just as they were back then because of that tradition.

The world's first sixtuplet sisters were born: See what they look like 39 years later

The sisters are currently 39 years old. Some of them have created lovely families, while others have achieved professional success.

The fact that Janet and Graham have such a huge family that is only growing and adding to their number of grandkids makes them extremely happy and fortunate.

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