Meet Maki, a 17-year-old with the world’s longest legs who recently broke a record

Perhaps having long legs is a strong desire shared by many girls.

It turns out, though, that possessing such lengthy feet may be monotonous for their owner.

Teen has the world's longest legs | 17-year-old secures record for world's  longest female legs, her height is 6ft 10in | Trending & Viral News
The “world’s longest legs” distinction was just broken by this girl.

Meet Maki Karrin, a resident of the USA with a track record like that.

This 17-year-old woman has 208 cm-long legs.

The fact that the beauty is only 17 and her feet will keep getting taller is still astounding.

16-year-old girl has the world's longest legs | That's Life! Magazine


The most intriguing aspect of her is that one leg is 135.3 cm long, and the other is 134.3 cm.

thus setting the current standard for that title.

She has two different legs, but fortunately, this is a physiological difference and doesn’t interfere with her ability to move about.

She will, of course, not refrain from touching the doors.

It is irritating, as Maki explains, to stroll without putting her head near the doors or chandeliers.

World's longest legs record broken by Texan teen | Guinness World Records

There isn’t a residence built just for someone her size.

Even clothes in her size aren’t available for purchase.

She primarily purchases clothes for her closet. She now participates in school athletics, but her long-term goal is to join a professional basketball team.

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