A Woman Helped a Beggar, and the Next Day She Discovered That the Man Was Richard Gere

You’ll grin a lot as you remember this lovely and humorous occurrence.

Karine Gombeau, a Frenchwoman, was strolling through New York City’s streets one day.
She suddenly noticed a man who was moving beside the trash cans. She assumed he had an elderly guy who was homeless and frequented the location in quest of food.

A woman gave food to a beggar: the next day she found out that the man was Richard Gere

She handed the bag to him after quickly running to the closest grocery store to get a pizza.

She didn’t understand that the “homeless man” was Richard Gere until she read the daily newspaper the next morning.

She mocked herself for thinking the famous star was a beggar.

Given that there were far more beggars here than in France, Karine admitted, it was this man in particular who most impressed her.
She chose to assist him without giving it any thought.

French tourist gives food to 'hobo' Richard Gere

Karine struggled to comprehend what the men were saying because she didn’t speak English very well.

She merely handed them the box and bade them good day before leaving.

It came out, though, that the actors were filming on the street without anticipating such a reaction.

The woman’s gesture really pleased the group.

The tourist who gave 'hobo' Gere pizza

Also, they were constantly being pursued by photographers, who took countless pictures that were published in newspapers.

As Gere explained to Karine, it was just for filming, and he didn’t like changing during the break.

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