To Protect Her Blind Father From Getting Lost, a 5-Year-old Girl Goes to Work With Him

Most parents are probably willing to do everything for their kids. Also the opposite. Some kids exhibit no less selflessness by trying to support their parents when they are struggling. They often exert their full effort.

5-year-old girl goes to work with her father, who can't see, so he doesn't get lost

On a coconut farm, Nelson Pepe from the Philippines works. Sadly, he is blind and cannot see anything. Yet, to support his family, he harvests 60 palm trees every day. But not without assistance.

Every day, Nelson is escorted home by his 5-year-old daughter, Jenny, who also drives him to the farm. The girl actually took over the role of her father’s eyes.

About 3,000,000 people have seen the heartwarming film of Jenny walking Nelson through a working farm, which has touched the hearts of many more.

Young girl leads blind father to work on farm in viral video from  Philippines | CTV News

After hearing about this tragedy, representatives of the television network ABC-CBN even made the decision to use money from their own fund to pay for her father’s treatment.

Nelson was sent to a hospital in Manila, the Philippines’ capital, where doctors discovered he had a detached retina.

5-year-old girl sends and fetches her blind father from work every day.  After their plight went viral on social medias, it brought them financial  assistance from the society - Good Times


The foundation also wants to assist Pepe and his family in relocating to a more secure area. The man was also given cash to start his own business so he wouldn’t have to climb palm trees and endanger his life.

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