The Former Wife of Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie, Won’t Stop Abusing Him and Won’t Leave Him Alone

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt were among the most attractive and well-known couples in Hollywood at the end of the 2000s.
It seems like there was no way that this love story could go wrong. The actress surprisingly filed for divorce from her spouse in 2016, though. At the same time, their long trial began in the matter of the custody of six common children.

Angelina Jolie accepte que Brad Pitt revoie ses enfants à une seule  condition - Marie France, magazine féminin

Brad didn’t successfully insist on shared custody until May of last year. The judge ruled in his favor.

Yet, the ex-spouses’ legal disputes continued. They are currently working to find solutions to problems relating to Angelina’s sale of her Château Miraval ownership. However, some sources claim that not everything has been determined in the custody dispute. The actress may be persuasive.

Online users are attempting to understand why Angie is doing all in her power to make her ex-husband’s life as difficult as possible.

Despite the court’s ruling, insiders told The Post that Jolie would not sign a shared custody deal.

Angelina Jolie accuse Brad Pitt d'avoir violenté leurs enfants lors d'une  dispute

He would never get the chance to visit the kids without restriction, the insider claimed.

Pitt’s pal is certain that she won’t calm down until all of their children are mature. However, he maintains that the conflict between the ex-spouses is not going to be resolved very soon.

Angelina Jolie feared for children's safety during Brad Pitt marriage

“She assaults Brad nonstop.” The actor’s pal concluded, “She didn’t merely sell her half to the buyer Pitt wanted to see the least.”

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