Richard Gere’s Spouse Provided an Update on Her Critically Ill Husband: An Unsuccessful Family Vacation

Richard Gere, 73, had no clue what would transpire for his family when he decided to take his wife Alejandra Silva and kids on a trip to the sea.

As it turned out, his personal journey came to an end beneath a dropper in the hospital., a publication, reported this.

Gere planned the vacation to Mexico to mark the birthday of his wife.

Richard Gere's wife spoke about the condition of her urgently hospitalized husband: family vacation failedConsidering that Alejandra turned 40 this year, she is about 30 years younger than her spouse.

Richard started coughing a bit even before the trip to the resting spot, but the actor chose not to pay attention to it.

Gere started to feel worse and worse when they got there, though. Coughing spells shook him, and as his temperature climbed, Alejandra urged that he be sent to the hospital.

73-year-old Richard Gere suddenly hospitalized while on family vacation

When Richard arrived at the hospital, the staff there instantly diagnosed him with pneumonia, which is a dangerous condition for anybody to have and is even more so for someone who is 70 years old.

Thankfully, the therapy did not begin too late, and Gere recovered following a round of strong antibiotics. Now, according to Alejandra, he is already getting better.

Richard Gere's Wife Gives Health Update After He Was Hospitalized with Pneumonia

The actor’s sickness wasn’t the only annoyance, though; there were others as well. Evidently, Richard’s illness was contagious, and as a result, Silva and their kids became ill as well after him.

Nonetheless, Alejandra and the actor’s two boys were all suffering from far less severe conditions.

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