A Man Went to the Forest and Lived There for Four Years in a Primitive Manner Before Building a Home

Chad Zuber moved to a desolate island and entered a jungle four years ago. He had no tools, no access to food or medication, and lived like a caveman.

The man did, though, construct an actual house during this time.
Chad is a well-known travel blogger who has gained popularity for his films on wild life. Before deciding on his longest-lasting experiment, island life, he was able to travel across various countries.

The man decided to do this in a lonely area of a little island off the coast of Puerto Rico. He was able to keep a daily online journal because of satellite Internet.

He was forced to live modestly for the first month under an awning that was spread over stakes.
Nonetheless, Chad began construction on a safer home because he was aware that the rainy season would soon start.

Thankfully, since the island’s soil is clayey, the traveler possessed the essential building materials. He chose a level place, compacted it with crude tools, and then started to work.

“I was able to create my first clay brick in August 2017. These walls were constructed from the 170 bricks I already had; four months later, the traveler wrote about them in his journal.
The man was forced to consume local bird eggs and vegetables. As the survivalist made himself a bow, arrows, and a fishing rod, his food shortage issues vanished into the distance.

Man went into the forest and has been living as a primitive man for 4 years: however, he built a house

In his most recent video, Chad discussed the project’s conclusion. He obtained all he desired from the island, and he is currently planning a new journey.

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