Drake Hinted in an Interview That He No Longer Intended to Release Songs

One of the best-known rappers in the world is 36-year-old Drake. He also holds a staggering array of distinctions and records.

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Virtually all of his new songs spend a lengthy time on the Billboard charts, but recently he did an interview in which he completely shocked his audience. It’s no secret that Drake enjoys competing with other musicians and pays close attention to how his fans react to his latest music.

He seemed to be less interested in competition now, though. The rapper is not yet ready to call it quits on his career.He does, however, take a keen interest in what the “new generation” of artists is up to.

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He emphasized that he no longer wants to “compete” and would prefer to “gracefully retire” from the music business.

The performer said, “I would want to just look at what the next generation is doing.”

Drake won’t likely entirely vanish from the public sphere, though, as we all know. He currently has a lot of other, non-musical projects.

Drake hinted that he no longer plans to make music: the rapper gave a rather interesting interview

For instance, he serves as executive producer of “Euphoria,” one of the most popular programs.

Drake dedicates a significant amount of time to his son in addition to a number of cinematic projects. Remember that the youngster, whom the singer first took care to keep from the media and fans, now resides with him and visits his mother on occasion.

The rapper frequently posts Adonis’ picture on social media because he adores him.

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