Following Her “I’m Single” Statement, Selena Gomez and Drew Taggart Were Spotted Holding Hands in NYC

Selena Gomez keeps surprising her audience.

Selena Gomez, Drew Taggart Relationship Timeline: Photos

She recently downplayed her recent affair with American DJ Andrew Taggart. The adorable duo was once more “caught” by the cameras, though.
The paparazzi who captured the singer contradicted the star’s assurance to fans last week that she was not dating anyone.

Selena and Andrew were seen holding hands in the picture while out on a date in New York. Both simultaneously appeared to be quite happy. They acted as if they had been together for a long time and had a strong bond.

Selena Gomez and Drew Taggart Hold Hands During New York City Date Night |  Entertainment Tonight

The photos were taken when the couple was on their way to a special meal.

Gomez recently attempted to persuade everyone in a post on her social media that she truly does not like being alone at all, despite her assurances to the contrary.

Page Six on Twitter: "Selena Gomez, Drew Taggart hold hands during NYC date  night" / Twitter

The actress and the 33-year-old artist appeared together in public locations last week.

They were at the movie theater and in exclusive clubs, as well as a bowling alley. They enjoyed spending time together while “acting” like two teens.

Selena Gomez supporters are still pleased with the new chapter in her personal life.

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