A 25-Year-old Passerby in Indiana Saves Four Kids and Their 18-Year-old Sister From a Fire

A 25-year-old young guy who was walking by in Indiana helped five people escape a burning home, four of whom were children.

In Indiana, 25-year-old passer-by rescues four children and their 18-year-old sister from a fire

A pizzeria employee named Nick Bostic was on his way to a gas station  when he noticed that the porch and balcony of the home were on fire.

The young man came to a sudden stop and entered through the back door.

He started shouting loudly since he had no idea if anyone was in the house. Four people were awakened by these noises and went downstairs to investigate.

Passerby Runs Into Burning House And Saves 2 Young Kids, 3 Teens | HuffPost  Latest NewsThe young man inquired whether anyone was still inside the house.The six-year-old was still inside, as it turned out.

The pizza delivery person entered the home again and ascended to the second level.

The smoke made it difficult to see, so he just checked in closets and under beds.

The young man was startled to hear a quiet cry coming from a room near the fire.

He hurried there, took the child, broke the second-floor window, and jumped out with the kid.

Donations top $300K for Nicholas Bostic — man who saved 5 kids from house  fire

He had back, arm, and foot injuries. The youngster has very slight wounds.

The smallest of the children saved by the young man is a year old, the eldest girl is 18 years old.

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