Unusual Couple: The Guy Caresses His “Crystal” Girl in His Arms All the Time

Yana Gromovich is just 25 kg in weight and is around one meter tall. Our heroine must use a wheelchair to get around since people with this genetic illness have incredibly sensitive joints and bones.The positive young lady persisted; in fact, she keeps in touch with her pals and works as a consultant for a cosmetics firm. She also just agreed to move in with her boyfriend, who is another person.

Although his sweetheart is capable of taking care of herself, the young man nonetheless carries her about the rooms while remarking on how light she is.

Volodya and Yana allegedly met through mutual friends, and although he remained mute, the girl insisted on starting conversations. After some correspondence, they discovered they liked each other and started going out together. It’s important to note that they have been dating for a year and a half.

By the way, everyone in the little hamlet knows this lovely pair since they always grin at each other and like chit-chatting.

However, a lot of people questioned how a healthy man could focus on Yana.

The couple moved into the city to avoid hearing these nasty stories. The girl thinks that the less attention you get, the bigger the city is. By the way, Vova works anywhere he can to boost his income because he has no formal education and is nine years younger than his fiancée. He plans to work as a truck driver in the future.

The young people split their chores between Yana, who prepares meals, and Vova, who cleans the house. If possible, they try to spend more time outside and less time at home. The man often carries the girl in his arms while driving her about the park in the wheelchair. She is unable to operate the chair on her own for an extended amount of time due to weak arms.

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