A Little Girl With a Remarkable “Clown Nose” Was Born Nine Years Ago. Take a Look at How She Currently Looks and Lives

Nine years ago, a little boy named Lloyd was born with what is known as a “clown nose,” a distinct facial feature. She was able to get special surgery to address this characteristic thanks to the help and direction of her parents. It is unknown how her looks may have affected her future confidence and self-worth without their efforts.

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Connie’s nose has a bright red birthmark that has been there since birth. Her mother sought advice from medical authorities because she was worried about the way her child looked. The doctors just called it a hemangioma and predicted it would ultimately go away on its own. Connie’s birthmark didn’t change as she aged, forcing her parents to think of other removal methods.

celebs news: Toddler born with 'clown-nose' birthmark spends two hours in  surgery to get a 'face like Mummy's'

Kony endured bullying and brutal remarks from others as a child because of a noticeable red patch on her nose. She was frequently referred to as a clown, which hurt her terribly. Kony developed shyness and withdrawal as a result, staying away from the spotlight and having few friends. Concerned about her daughter’s welfare, Kony’s mother set out to locate a professional who could get rid of the spot and improve Kony’s self-esteem.

Connie’s mother spent three years looking for a qualified and experienced physician who could do the operation to remove the red spot from her nose.


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