Check Out What Occurred When Elon Musk Lost the Most Money Ever To Set a World Record

Without a doubt, Elon Musk’s year 2022 will not go down as one of his greatest. He ceased to be the richest man in the world in December of last year.
And by the start of 2023, it became evident that the businessman had suffered such a significant financial loss that he had entered the Guinness Book of Records for the biggest loss of personal fortune.

Elon Musk Has Officially Lost More Of His Own Money Than Anyone In History

Various estimates place Elon’s losses between 182 and 200 billion dollars.

According to reports, this happened as a result of a sharp decrease of 65% in the value of Tesla shares.

In the final week of 2022, Musk’s company’s price fell by $85 billion. And its market value, which was anticipated to reach $1.2 trillion a year earlier, fell to $390 billion.

Elon Musk Makes History by Losing More Money Than Any Human Ever Has

Additionally, Twitter is not performing properly. After a series of lawsuits, Elon Musk bought social media last year.

He made the decision to enforce his own rules there, firing a large portion of the staff in the process.

Although some Internet users reacted to developments with great excitement, others made the decision to fully give up on the medium.

Elon Musk set a world record by losing the largest amount of money in history: see what happened

Additionally, a businessman’s scandalous personal life lately has garnered almost as much attention as all of his activities together. He does, however, undoubtedly see the irony in everything that occurs.

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