A Millionaire From Latvia Purchased 3,000 Hectares of Woodland and Created a True Paradise on Earth There

The Latvian millionaire purchased 30,000 hectares of woodland in a mountainous region. He constructed 300 homes using sustainable materials.

 Latvian millionaire bought 3,000 hectares of forest and built a real paradise on Earth

There are unique regulations in the “City of the Sun,” and daily life is very different. All of the homes in this area have high-speed Internet access, electricity, and a centralized sewer system.

In Amatciems, heat from the earth is used to warm homes. Each home has a heat pump that uses a 90–100-meter well to transform the thermal energy of the ground. This will provide year-round heating for the home and hot water. Additionally, the locals light a fireplace on the coldest winter days.

The remainder of the houses are not visible from the windows of any house due to the hilly terrain and excellent architecture.
In the city, all animals must be allowed to wander freely, which is why fences are not allowed.

Dogs must only be kept indoors since, when on a leash, their barking might scare away wild creatures.
Aivars Zvirbulis claims that the inspiration for creating this location arose from his desire to live in his own home, close to the river. His whole family, friends, and supporters are now residing there.


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