They Were Shocked To See What Was in the Background When a Husband Asked His Pregnant Wife To Snap a Photo Near the Ocean

An image of a pregnant woman was chosen to be preserved for a family book by Angelina Moser and her husband Dan. She was nine months pregnant at the time.

Husband Takes a Picture of His Pregnant Wife and Sees Surprising Detail when  They Get Home | Fresh Story

The two decided that taking photographs while standing with the water as a backdrop was the most stunning option.

As soon as they reached the seaside, Angelina began posing with her attractive stomach.

The end results were magnificent. The two were in for a big shock when they arrived home and started seeing the images on the laptop!

In one image, an adorable dolphin unexpectedly surfaced as if it were waiting for the proper moment to leap out of the water.

The pair saw this as a sign of good things to come. The picture that was posted online received a lot of positive reaction and spread quickly throughout the network.

This man asked his pregnant wife to pose for the photo closer to the ocean  waves, they are stunned when they saw what was in the background in of the  photos -

After some time had passed, the couple gave birth to a happy, healthy kid they named Flipper. His happy parents are eagerly awaiting his manhood so they may tell him this wonderful story.

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