“The Man With a Body of a Baby.”

It turns out that it’s difficult to truly fall in love with someone who has physical flaws, have a family with him, and work through challenges as a family. One of the rare girls who was able to achieve this was Anna.

On social media, Anna and Grigory connected. At first, young people only communicated. Anna knew at this point that she had encountered a fellow traveler. The girl was not yet aware of Gregory’s appearance. Only a short time after they started talking online did they go on their first date. The young guy was worried about the girl’s response to the fact that he has a “baby’s” physique.

This flaw was present at birth in Gregory. Only a young man’s head entered the “adult condition” as he grew older; his body remained childlike.

Anna’s attitude toward Gregory didn’t change when she first met him. After meeting for a while, Grigory asked Anna to marry him. She agreed. He earns a living and provides for his wife and children in full. The infant’s birth was uneventful and healthy. He did not get the illness from his father. The family has since relocated to a sizable apartment they bought with a mortgage.

Anna was never sorry that she had shared a comparable characteristic with someone in her life. When the girl first met Gregory, she was certain of her opinion. Despite his physical impairment, he proved to be a true gentleman and a respectable spouse.

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