The Woman’s Lost Purse Was Returned by the Homeless Man, and Out of Gratitude, She Chose To Make a Change in His Life

Daisy Owen, 20, lost her handbag in one of the nightclubs.

The girl was angry since there was still a fair amount of money in the wallet and a brand-new iPhone in one of the pockets.

In the morning, Daisy went back to the pub and posted a notice about a lost pocketbook on the streets.

This homeless man scoured the streets to return a woman's lost handbag...  now she wants to put a roof over his head - Manchester Evening News

She had no expectation of success, but two days later she received a call from a man who claimed he was prepared to return the purse.

When Daisy arrived at the meeting, she was taken aback to discover a homeless person standing in front of her. He obviously wouldn’t be bothered by the money that was laying in the bag.

“Despite being homeless, I am an honest man.” I chose to return the bag since I’ve never taken someone else’s belongings. Paul Calderbank subsequently recalled.

The homeless man returned the lost handbag to the woman and in gratitude  she decided to turn her life around - Arm Press Media

Daisy didn’t ponder how to express her gratitude to the upright man for long.

She posted a narrative online and set up a GoFundMe page. She began a fundraising campaign for a person who was homeless.

A few days later, she received around 6,000 pounds in mail from individuals all throughout the nation.

Daisy gave Paul the entire sum of money. He immediately found employment after renting an apartment. His life was profoundly altered by the girl.


Homeless man 'Paul' helped reunite Daisy Owen with the handbag she lost on  a night out in Bradshawgate, Bolton | The Bolton NewsIt seems that good deeds pay off. at least in this case.

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