When the Student’s Child Started Crying, the Teacher Had a Wonderful, Unexpected Reaction

Engelberg’s daughter claims that because her father teaches at the master’s level and has 45 years of expertise, he frequently has older students. Engelberg is originally from South Africa.

The teacher made the incredible: when the student’s child began to cry the teacher had an unusual reaction

These students frequently bring their kids to class since many of them are young, single mothers.

Engelberg advocates for these moms to bring their kids to class rather than keep them apart, which is why the image of him comforting a sobbing infant in class is so striking.

Engelberg chose to take the crying infant in his arms and soothe him just as the mother in the picture was about to leave the room.

Then, as if nothing had occurred, he carried on with his plans.

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When taking Engelberg’s lessons, many students bring their kids along with them, and some even give their kids something to eat in class.

Engelberg doesn’t know why the picture was so successful, despite the fact that it has received a lot of attention online.

His daughter claims that he finds everything to be entirely normal.

She emphasizes that education is not just the study of theoretical information in the classroom for her father; it is also the study of values.

She continues by saying that her father wants to share this crucial message with the rest of the world.

In conclusion, the image of Sydney Engelberg comforting a grieving child in front of the class serves as an effective reminder of the value of empathy and compassion in the classroom.

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Engelberg’s acts serve as an example for parents and educators all across the world, and his message about the role of values in education should be shared widely.

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