During a Diving Competition, an Olympic Champion Goes Viral by Making Adorable Dog Sweaters in the Audience

The British athlete Tom Daley won a gold medal for his outstanding synchronized diving performance. However, this was not the only time he attracted the world’s attention.
This time, the athlete received recognition for making clothing for pets, which was a very kind deed.

Diver Tom Daley Knits a Dog Sweater in the Stands at Tokyo Olympics

It’s Tom’s newest pastime. The man found it easier to share his interests with others because of the 2021 Tokyo Olympics. As Daley states, he just started knitting, so it is a relatively new pastime for him.

Tom Daley Unveils His Knitting Masterpiece From the Olympics | Time

We can categorically state that he is as skilled at knitting as he is at diving after witnessing his technique of crocheting. The Olympic gold medalist claims that knitting has been really beneficial to him.
Later, the guy identified the recipient of the knitted clothing on Instagram. He uploaded a picture of his friend’s dog wearing his own attire. He also acknowledged that he has begun work on a new one.

Olympic champion goes viral for knitting cute dog sweaters in the stands during a diving competition

I wonder which dog will be the next to get custom clothes from a gold medalist!

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