Baby Diapers and Feeding Bottles Are Sold by a 3-Year-old Girl Selling Lemonade To Help Moms in Need

With her small lemonade stand in Durham, North Carolina, 3-year-old Ava Lewis is doing a fantastic job helping the less fortunate. The little youngster contacted her mothe at the start of the summer and said, “I want to assist the kids.”

3-year-old uses lemonade stand sales to buy diapers for moms in need - ABC  News

The infant considered selling bracelets or lemonade for a very long time. She chose lemonade.
Mom was obviously shocked, but she assisted her daughter in setting up a little lemonade stand.

A three years old little girl buys diapers and feeding bottles for moms in  need

Together, they created a business plan. They  determined that all total sales would go toward providing diapers and bottles for children.

The stall was placed close to Maggie’s beauty parlor. Ava tried many dishes with her mom and grandma before starting work.
The baby’s lemonade immediately spread across the entire city. Right now, there is a lengthy line for lemonade. Eva has gained local notoriety.

North Carolina 3-year-old, mom team to sell lemonade to help other moms |  WLOS

She recently accomplished her objective. She made enough money from her sales to buy diapers and bottles, which she then gave to a nearby charity.
The charity’s director said, “You have no clue how much it means to us that such a small girl, who is only three years old, thinks about other people.”

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