Despite Sometimes Going Without Food, a Homeless Man Feeds Street Cats Every Day

Support and compassion are crucial among groups other than people. And in regard to our animal brothers, who are smaller, Long Dum, a man who lost his home and now resides in a train station in Thailand, is well aware of this.

Homeless Man Always Feed Stray Cats Before Himself Every Day

Although the homeless man struggles, he never loses sight of the street cats and makes an effort to buy food for them whenever he has the chance.
The man sells limes to make money for meals. No matter how much money Long makes from this, he buys food for his pals first and then treats himself to something with the remaining funds.

He also agrees to be patient if the money is insufficient.

He cannot abandon the cats since he views them as members of his family. And he is certain that they have no one else to turn to besides him.

Homeless Man Always Feed Stray Cats Before Himself Every Day

More clients visited Long after a tourist took his picture and put it online, and cat food was donated by animal lovers.
Once, someone who wanted to assist the homeless man even brought him new clothing, gave him a haircut, and offered to rent him an apartment. Lung, however, resisted since he could not abandon his animals to their fate.

Homeless man feeds street cats every day, despite the fact that he sometimes goes hungry

Long Dum is a fantastic illustration of how he gives himself up for the sake of his canine buddies when they are in need of necessities.

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