Elderly Widow Forced To Leave Decades-old Home; Neighbor Purchases It for Her

Angie Tyma, an elderly widow, was forced to leave her over 30 year old home in Hudson, Florida. Then faced with the heartbreaking reality of homelessness.

After her husband passed away, Tyma continued to reside in the house by paying the new owner’s rent. She had previously lived there with her husband.

The house was eventually sold to an investment firm since the previous owner couldn’t make his mortgage payments, and Tyma was given notice to leave.

Elderly Widow Gets Evicted from House Where She’s Lived for Decades: Her Neighbor Buys It Back for Her

She was warned, but she never expected to be evicted from her house.

Tyma’s situation was made more challenging by the fact that she had buried her three cats and dispersed her late husband’s ashes in the backyard.

Tyma was forced to spend three weeks living in a hotel while also suffering heartbreak.

But her neighbors wouldn’t allow her to live in a tent.

After 89-year-old woman is evicted, neighbor buys back her home

They banded together to aid Tyma when they saw that her personal belongings were being removed from her home.

Danielle Calder, one of her neighbors, went above and beyond by purchasing the house back from the investment firm for $167,500.

The fact that Tyma was able to return to the housemoved Calder to feel compelled to assist her.

Calder surprised Tyma by handing her the keys to her brand-new home on her 89th birthday.

89-Year-Old Gets Thrown Out Into Streets. Neighbor Slips Something In Hand  Before She Leaves

Tyma was ecstatic and returned to her house, paying rent to Calder to help with costs.

Tyma was able to reclaim her house and a sense of security with the help of her kind neighborhood.

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