To Get Her Disabled Grandson to School and Back, a 76-Year-old Grandmother Walks 24 Kilometers Each Day

We are all aware that love motivates people to do brave things. It’s not just in Hollywood productions, either. Everybody has the power to turn a fairy tale into reality, especially when it involves their own children.
For the past four years, Shi Yuying, 76, of Guangxi Province, China, has been walking her grandson Jiang Haowen to school every day on a mountain trail. 24 kilometers are involved.

Woman Walks 15 Miles Every day So Grandson Can Go To School

The boy is unable to move on his own. He needs ongoing care because of his cerebral palsy. Shi said that he received a diagnosis at the age of two. His parents tried to treat him, but other than incurring significant debt, nothing changed.

His mother married another guy when the child was 4 years old, and his father now works in another city. As a result, his grandma, who first carried him while riding a bicycle, is always by his side. In July 2017, however, the community donated a wheelchair to the family.
She picks him up from school twice a day and drives him there.

Grandmother of 76-years walks disabled grandson 15-MILES to school

She finds strength in her faith in her grandson. Despite everything, she is sure Haowen will be able to succeed because he is a bright youngster. His memory astounds many people, and he excels particularly in mathematics.

However, the grandma finds it more and more challenging to navigate this route to school and back every year.

76-year-old grandmother walks 24 kilometers a day to take her disabled grandson to school and back

Shi genuinely hopes and believes she can locate Haowen, an excellent school for the disabled. She keeps fighting alone for his future in the meantime without giving up hope.

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