This Bride’s 89-Year-old Grandma Was the Life of the Party and Was Chosen as Her Bridesmaid

An 89-year-old woman who was a bridesmaid in her granddaughter’s wedding went viral online!

Adorable: Bride Has 89-year-old Grandmother as One of Her Bridesmaids

When her loved one proposed to her, Christina Quinn was as happy as a woman could possibly be.

The girl made an unexpected choice when contemplating her wedding day that later made her famous all over the world.

No one could have predicted the consequences when Christina asked her grandmother to be a bridesmaid.

Not all 89-year-old women will accept this role.

Bride Invites Her 89-Year-Old Grandma To Be A Bridesmaid At Her Wedding |  Bored Panda

Only a few months later, the grandmother showed everyone that life can and should be cherished at any age by attending the wedding as well!
Christina explains, “She made jokes the entire evening, told funny life stories, and gave the visitors wise advice.”

After the ceremony, the bride’s grandmother was given a special seat on the bus. She joined the other guests in continuing the wedding celebration rather than returning home to rest. She danced all night long!

Christina describes her grandmother as having an amazing sense of humor and outlook on life. I try to pick up tips from her. Everybody admires her!
Grandmother enjoyed herself throughout the wedding, danced with other guests, and occasionally gave young people sage advice. She has made today even more special for the newlyweds.

Nana Betty, 89, serves as a bridesmaid for her granddaughter Christine  Quinn | Daily Mail Online

We can certainly learn a lot from this remarkable woman! When senior citizens truly relish life and serve as positive role models for children, it is amazing!

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