The Real Messi Shirt Is Given to the Poor Child Who Made His Own Using Plastic Bags

How may a plastic bag be used? You might unintentionally gain worldwide fame.
This is exactly what a five-year-old youngster did when he used plastic bags to create the appearance of his favorite player Messi’s T-shirt.

The boy with the plastic bag Messi jersey has finally met his hero |  Mashable

An Australian family member uploaded photos of the young nephew.

The user was astounded by the boy’s creativity. To present the infant with an authentic Argentina shirt, they started looking for him. A flash mob was assembled to look for the youngster, but it was very difficult to locate him.

When the youngster was eventually located, it was discovered to be Murtaza from Afghanistan.
Because he is a basic, poor farmer, his father cannot afford to buy the youngster a proper T-shirt.The boy’s mom commented, “Our boys frequently construct T-shirts from bags since they just have no other option.”Dad, however, naturally expects that Murtaza will get a T-shirt from his hero. After all, he is a huge fan of both football and Lionel Messi!

Lionel Messi gifts fulfill Afghan child's dream | CNN

Messi said he was willing to give a young fan a T-shirt as compensation. Obviously, he could be located.
In the end, everything was okay. The youngster received a t-shirt, but it wasn’t Messi’s; instead, it was a little t-shirt made just for the Argentina national team.

But Messi signed it, which gave Murtaza enormous joy and made the other boys in the area envious.

Afghanistan's 'Little Messi' flees home after Taliban threats, says family  - BBC News

In the meanwhile, we can enjoy young Murtaza on a real football field and in a genuine T-shirt. He might even get a chance to join a legitimate football team and play for the Afghan national team in the future.

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