The 90-year-old widow had no one to turn to for help until an “army of angels” showed up

Because a relative used her home to remove rubbish and trash, one widow was subject to daily fines.

90-year-Old Widow Had Nowhere To Turn, But Then An 'Army Of Angels' Appeared

Because the trash had been dumped in her yard for more than a year, there was a lot of rotted and rusted debris there. And the yard already had a dump-like appearance.
Others in the widow’s family declined to assist her in picking up the trash. If that awful waste wasn’t cleaned up, the widow would be subject to daily fines of more than $2,000, according to the warning.

Agnes Maples was the name of the widow. She was in severe need of help, even at her venerable age of 90.

She got in touch with Operation Blessing. People of religion assist others through the nonprofit organization Operation Blessing.

The organization’s goals include feeding the needy, offering healthcare and medical attention, fostering community growth, caring for orphans and other vulnerable children, and much more.

90-year-old widow had nowhere to turn for help, but then an “army of angels” appeared


As soon as Operation Blessing members learned about Agnes’ predicament, they acted right away. They dismantled the barn and razed the old trailer, which posed a major threat. They simply agreed to do this work.

A miracle then transpired. Agnes discovered that a lot more volunteers had sent their responses.

Both their arrival at Agnes’ home and her request for their assistance were unexpected.
These volunteers not only helped Agnes clean up her yard waste, but they also paved a new pathway to her backyard, installed some flowerbeds in the garden, cleared out all the trash, and even fixed the roof.

90-Year-Old Widow Had Nowhere To Turn, But Then An 'Army Of Angels' Appeared

Agnes is now proud of her land and frequently shares with others what the volunteers accomplished.
This organization’s volunteers went above and beyond what was required of them.

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