Thanks to silicone, a girl spends hundreds of thousands of dollars to look like the famous doll. 

A 22-year-old Budapest, Hungary, resident spent $165,00 to resemble a Barbie doll. The girl is now unable to get employment due to her doll-like appearance.
The girl maintains that when she was a young girl, she had a Barbie obsession. At the age of 17, she underwent her first procedure, which involved extending her breasts.

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Barbie doll play is the first childhood activity I can recall. “I started my transition into a doll when I was 17 years old,” the girl claims.

The girl has since had a dozen procedures to transform herself into the likeness of her favorite doll.

She met her future husband in 2016, who shared her love of plastic surgery and desire to resemble a “toy.” He covered her operating costs.

The girl had two rhinoplasties, had her buttocks enlarged, her chin decreased multiple times. Her jaw and forehead reshaped in addition to having her breasts altered.

The girl had previously worked as the reception’s secretary. She was forced to leave since, according to her, her good looks and charisma made guys go crazy.

Woman 'too hot to work' after $135k Barbie plastic surgery

She also claims that people no longer take her seriously as a result of her transformation into a doll. Barbara enjoys the attention of men and is looking for a new husband since she divorced in 2019.

Woman 'too hot to work' after $135k Barbie plastic surgery

The child has other operations already planned, including a third rhinoplasty, rib removal, and other cosmetic ones. She has no intention of stopping there.

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