King Kong, the World’s Hairiest Man, Was Eventually Successful in Finding Love

Yu Zhenhan, a Chinese guy, holds the record for having the most hair on Earth, according to the Guinness Book of Records.
In the Chinese city of Anshan, the hairiest man was born in 1979. The boy’s hair nearly completely covered his tiny body when he was 2 years old. His body was 96% covered with hair by the time he was three.

China's Hairiest Man Grooms Himself for Fame

The youngster attended school with his peers and made a lot of friends there. He was referred to as King Kong due to his peculiar appearance, but he was not at all offended.

Yu insisted that the name “Big Heart” was only given to him because of his thick hair and large heart.

The man had multiple laser hair removals in an effort to get rid of his undesirable hairline.

The Hairiest Man in the World | Amusing Planet

But the impact was very fleeting, as the hair quickly grew back. Yu then made the decision to take care of his personal affairs rather than wasting any more time on this.

He signed up for a dating website in the hopes of finding his soul mate. But Yu removed his profile from the site after making multiple fruitless attempts to start a committed relationship.

The man made the decision to dedicate his life to music and found great success. Yu soon rose to fame in his home country after receiving invitations to a number of Chinese television programs.

The Hairiest Man in the World | Amusing Planet

Yu did, however, still organize his personal life. He married a girl he knew from school, whom he had first met at a friend’s birthday celebration.

It turns out that he had been happy for a very long time.

Yu has a social media presence with more than 600,000 followers, and his neighbors humorously refer to him as The Hairy Chinese Kid.

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