A former millionaire has spent nearly 30 years on a desert island without people or money

Everyone has a distinct definition of happiness; while some people desire to escape all the advantages of civilization by moving to a rural location, others want to relocate to a large metropolis and start a successful profession.

The Ex-Millionaire Who Lives in Isolation on a Deserted Island | by Liam  Hunter-Bailey | History of Yesterday | Medium

David has lived in Sydney, Australia, in the past. He suffered a massive loss in the stock market in 1987.

His life has undergone significant transformation during the last few years. And if not for one case, it is unknown what the subsequent history would have been.

David fell in love with a Zimbabwean woman he met. She was the one who encouraged and prodded him to move.
David and his beloved rented a desolate island a few kilometers from Australia with the entire sum of money left over. She quickly left David, since she could not bear such a life.

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Since then, the man has spent the last 26 years alone on a deserted island. David makes a frothy drink, which is one of his favorite things, and his dog Quasi cheers up his lonely days. He also raises vegetables and catches fish and crabs.

David has lived for many years in a house that he constructed himself out of scrap materials.

Former millionaire has been living on a desert island for almost 30 years without money and people

Additionally, he put up solar panels so the house could have electricity. On occasion, fishermen and tourists arrive on the island.
David interacts with them and gives them what he has learned or attained. The man claims that in these circumstances, he realizes how much he longs for people and contact, but that he still finds peace and harmony in solitude, which he is not yet ready to give up.

Robinson, Australia’s most well-known hermit, resides in this manner.


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