An Abandoned Baby Is Breastfed by a Policewoman as Hospital Workers Are Too Busy With Their Own Business

Young mother and officer Celeste Ayala is the woman in the picture.


When a young boy who was clearly exhausted was taken to the hospital by ambulance, she was there on duty. The child was taken away from his family. He was neglected to care for him and mistreated him.

Although the boy was wailing, the physicians weren’t able to help him at that time. Despite her daughter’s impending first birthday, Celeste continues to breastfeed her.

The woman simply accumulated milk throughout the shift. She fed the hungry infant of someone else in the hospital hallway without pausing for a long time.

There are probably few people who are familiar with this tale. However, Buenos Aires police officer Marcos Heredia shared a picture of his coworker breastfeeding a child while wearing a uniform in the middle of a hospital corridor on Facebook.

Police officer who breastfed baby on duty in Argentina promoted | Argentina  | The Guardian

There are currently over 112 thousand likes on the post, which has gone viral.

About Celeste’s performance, all of Argentina’s media started to write. She discussed her feelings that day in an interview with the publication Cronica:

“I saw that the kid was starving because he stuck his fists in his mouth.” I begged him to let me soothe him and requested that he be fed. It was a terribly depressing time. As I stared at him, my heart ached. Such circumstances require society to pay attention; we must prevent them from occurring.

Coincidentally, policewomen in Argentina celebrate their official holiday on August 14, which is also the date of this occurrence.

Policewoman breastfeeds stranger's baby in hospital as 'doctors too busy to  help' - Daily Star

The Minister of Security learned of the incident as a result, and he called Celeste to a reception where he expressed his gratitude and promoted her to sergeant.

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