After Saving Two Girls From Drowning, a Teenager With Down Syndrome Was Praised as a Hero

Down syndrome was present at birth in Valerio Catoia.
His parents agreed that the youngster should start swimming when he was 3 years old in order to increase his strength and stamina.

As a result, Valerio not only picked up swimming but also excelled at it. He took part in the Olympic Games! In Lazio, Italy, Valerio went to the beach one day with his father and younger sister to take a nap.

Meet the boy with Down syndrome who saved a girl from drowning

When they heard cries for aid out of the blue, all three of them were relaxing by the water. Two girls, ages 10 and 14, were unable to reach land because they were stuck.

On that particular day, there were waves, and the current drew the kids deeper and deeper into the ocean.
Valerio and his father jumped into the sea to save the kids as they discovered what was going on.

The 10-year-old Valerio and the 14-year-old female were both seized by the father. Since Valerio had competed in the Olympics and trained his entire life, he was aware that the girl’s head needed to remain above the water to prevent choking.

A teenager with Down syndrome is recognized as a real hero after this  action - NEWS FROM MEDIABLOGRescuers had just arrived when Valerio and his father brought the girls ashore. Valerio was later awarded a medal for heroism, bravery, and athletic prowess by the Italian Minister of Sports.

Valerio’s bravery not only fills his parents with pride but also serves as an example to all others who were born with disabilities!

Teenager with Down Syndrome was hailed as a hero after saving two girls from drowningValerio truly is a hero!

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