See What a Woman Looked Like Before Spending $500,000 To Transform Into a Living Barbie Doll

In addition to being the mother of five kids, Nannet Hammond is a well-known blogger and successful model. She achieved her goal of becoming a “living Barbie from Kentucky” and did so. When Nannet was 16 years old, the online publication Daily Star said that she resembled a typical neighborhood girl.
She was a charming young woman with brown hair, a grin that showed her pearly white teeth, and deer-like eyes that were deep brown. She was unhappy with her appearance, though. Her love of cosmetology and plastic surgery was inspired by her desire to look like a Barbie doll.

Nannette Hammond spent $500,000 on plastic surgery to look like Barbie |  Daily Mail Online

Nannet had three breast enlargements by the time she was 46 to get the coveted size 7. She stretched her eyelashes and nails, filled in her lips, and bleached her hair to an ash-white hue.
In addition to many other things, Nannet also tattooed her eyebrows and contoured her face. She favors wearing short, form-fitting clothing to emulate her fashion icon.
The Barbie doll’s appearance helped the woman launch a thriving modeling career in adult publications. She has even had Playboy magazine covers in her collection.

Woman spent $500,000 to look like a living Barbie doll: see what she looked like before

Nannet also rose to fame as an Instagram diva with nearly 500,000 devoted followers.

By the way, Nannet is happily married despite her love of plastic surgery and drastically altered appearance; her spouse simply likes her, supports her in everything, and has even paid for many of her procedures.

Woman spent $500,000 to look like a living Barbie doll: see what she looked like before

The five children of Nannet respect and love their mother.

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