A 9-Year-old Boy Fed Stray Animals; Today, He Is 13 and Has His Own Shelter

Children frequently show pity for animals that are in need of assistance and lack a home of their own. No child is unaffected by stray cats and dogs.

9-Year-Old Boy Created A No-Kill Animal Shelter In His Garage | Bored Panda

But what precisely do kids do for animals in general? Most often, when parents or grandparents are not around, they feed and pet them.
In the Philippines, a young man by the name of Ken set up a sanctuary for stray animals.

On his way to school when he was nine years old, Ken spotted a group of stray dogs. The child wanted to assist them; he was not at all afraid of them.

9-Year-Old Boy Created A No-Kill Animal Shelter In His Garage | Bored Panda

Ken started saving the pocket money he received from his parents. He took action to pay for food for stray dogs.
In the area of his school, the child fed a pack. Ken gave the three canines he found there the names Brownie, Whitey, and Blackie. Of course, a nine-year-old child could not keep his lack of financial involvement in the school cafeteria from his parents for very long.

Ken’s father started following his son one day. The man was moved and inspired by what the youngster was doing. He snapped a number of pictures and shared them online.

People began sending donations of animals to young Ken because they admired what he did. The basis for the refuge was set by these deeds.

9-Year-Old Achieves Dream of Starting a No-Kill Animal Shelter in His Garage

2014 saw the debut of Ken’s refuge. The name of the club is Happy Animals Club.

Ken instantly described the future home for dogs and cats in great detail and maturity. And this is how the shelter he opened differs fundamentally from all the others.

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