Woman Lost 100 KG and Transformed Into a Real Barbie, Achieving a Childhood Desire

Kayla Lavender was a young girl who adored playing Barbie. Even as an adult, she remained interested in these well-known dolls. But she didn’t look like the girl many girls looked up to.
The woman once made the decision to shed those excess pounds in order to transform herself and her entire life.

Woman lost 100kg and turned into a real Barbie, as she had dreamed of since childhood

Lavender already has a stunning body that resembles a doll’s figure. She envisioned these changes and succeeded in making them. It turned out that nothing was as challenging as it first appeared to be.

Barbie has long been a favorite of Kayla’s. She owned anywhere between 200 and 300 dolls. Today, these specimens are used to decorate her home, which has a dollhouse-like interior.
“I have a ton of Barbie dolls, which my relatives gave me so I would have a reason to take care of my body,” says Kayla.
A starting weight of 155 kg was used. At the age of 36, the girl made the decision to alter her physique because she believed that it was never too late to make a difference. The girl made the decision to start a diet because exercising at this weight can be harmful to the heart and joints.

Woman lost 100kg and turned into a real Barbie, as she had dreamed of since childhood

She was able to lose over fifteen kilograms by altering her diet.
This assisted the girl in overcoming her dislike of excess weight. She adopted a healthy diet and started participating in sports at the same time.

Australian Barbie fan Kayla Lavende drops 90 kilos | 7NEWSThe girl was able to lose 90 kilos and achieve the most doll-like appearance thanks to her efforts.

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