A Beautiful Wedding Was Organized for a Homeless Couple Who Had Been Together for 24 Years

Rommel Basco, 55, and Rosalyn Ferrer, 50, both of Pampanga, Philippines, have been married for 24 years.
They have six kids in total. The family resides in the wilderness amid the trash. Their home is a makeshift shanty constructed from trash from the landfill.

Homeless for 24 Years, Couple to Get Married Soon after Kind Stranger Finds their Story

This family fights for its existence every day. From morning to night, Rommel and Rosalyn sort trash, gather plastic, and distribute it in an effort to feed a large family. Day after day, year after year.

Despite the challenges and trials, genuine love and cooperation rule in their modest home.

The owner of a small barbershop close to where the family lives, Richard Strandz, claimed to have known this couple for a very long time.

The most significant aspect he always focused on was the warmth, kindness, and love with which Rosalyn and Rommel connect with one another and their kids.


Kind people arranged a beautiful wedding for a homeless couple who lived together for 24 years
The couple’s informal wedding was discovered by Richard. Rosalyn, however, used to daydream about having a lovely wedding when she was younger.
It is obvious that they are unable to afford even a small party. Following their story’s inspiration, Richard contacted acquaintances who own small businesses and proposed a small charity wedding.

Rosalyn got stunning style and makeup; outfits were chosen for the couple; and presents were made for the family.

Homeless Couple Living Together For 24 Years Finally Get Married

A couple was photographed in their home by the photographer, who also accompanied them on a short walk through the town. Richard and his friends will pay for their ceremony at the temple when Rosalyn and Rommel’s papers are repaired.

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