A Man Goes Missing for 30 Years, and When He Returns, He Claims To Have Been in the Room Next Door

Thirty years after being reported missing, Vasile Gorgash unexpectedly made his way back home. He says he was in the adjacent room the entire time.
Gorgash has spent his entire life farming and selling livestock. Early in the morning, he left his home and headed to the railway station to travel to the nearby hamlet, where the farm was located.

The man was strangely missing. He suddenly appeared at the door of his  house in a car 30 years later, still wearing the clothes of the year - iNEWS

He too took this path on that enchanted day. The farmer’s family quickly raised the alarm when the man failed to show up at home this time.

The man had not been seen for a long time. To bolster the search efforts, they were even forced to add him to the Interpol database.

But for thirty years, no one managed to find Gorgash.

A Man Went Missing In 1991, And Appeared 30 Years With Same Clothes And No  Memory

After 30 years of marriage, the family has already accepted the loss.But one morning, an automobile pulled up to the house early. In the same clothes that he had worn when he left it thirty years ago, the missing farmer suddenly emerged from it.

Man Vanishes On Business Trip, 30 Years Later Car Drops Him Off In The Same  Clothes - Top5

But the same train ticket that wasn’t damaged stunned everyone even more. This implies that Vasile Gorgash never left the village. The vanished farmer was somewhere close all this time. The missing person claims that he was simply in the room next door.

The farmer will have a special conversation with law enforcement officials and psychologists in the near future to work out the details.

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