A Girl With an Unusual Birth Defect Becomes a Successful Model, Proving That Beauty Is What Truly Attracts People

People who are short, overweight, have defects in their skin have a chance of becoming successful models. Yes, in recent times, the world of beauty has imposed new laws.

Rare facial defect doesn't stop this German model Ilka Brühl from dreaming  big | Photogallery - ETimes

The German model Ilka Brühl experienced this. She once put up with the insults of her peers. Today she is a well-known model who is compared to a magnificent exotic being that visited us from another planet.

In Ilka, cleft facial deformity was an unusual birth condition. Despite the several operations she underwent, she never stopped appreciating life.

Buchtipp: Ilka Brühl "Anders schön"

When a photographer friend asked Ilka to model for him a few years ago, Ilka’s life was changed forever. The result was pretty good. The comments that were posted in support of the images only served to assure the girl that nobody is truly unattractive.

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She was able to make her defects work in her favor. Ilka is currently one of the hottest models in the world.

“Let me begin by stating that there are no ugly individuals in the world. Every individual is special and lovely in their own way.

The model shares her story in order to help others who are self-conscious about their appearance learn to accept themselves.






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