When This Kid Was Born, He Weighed Just Over 200 Grams, but the Doctors Did the Impossible

The world’s tiniest newborn baby lived and returned home five months later.
The infant was delivered in September 2018, at the 24th week of pregnancy, in one of the maternity hospitals in Tokyo. At that time, he weighed just 268 grams and measured 22 cm in height.

Its size was comparable to a huge onion. He was given the moniker “mini-miracle” by the hospital. Japanese medical professionals did everything they could to save him despite not having any hope of survival. He was put right away in an incubator, which is a device for premature babies.

The infant was previously fed with a probe, but he is now exclusively breastfeeding. During Ryusuke’s five months in the hospital, his mother expressed milk. Doctors used to soak tampons and give to the infant’s mouth so he could receive important nutrients.

This baby weighed just over 200 grams when he was born, but the doctors did the impossible

The baby’s mother admits that it was the most trying time of her life. Even though she didn’t think the child had a chance of surviving, she continued to pray.
His skin was so translucent that the mother was unable to even touch him. And the mother was giddy with joy as soon as the extra grams started to show up on the scales.

This baby weighed just over 200 grams when he was born, but the doctors did the impossibleIn the end, everything was okay. Doctors said that the infant’s growth was comparable to that of full-term infants.
The infant was released from the hospital five months after beginning treatment and nursing at 3.2 kilograms, which is the weight of a typical baby.

Now that nothing is threatening his health, he is an entirely normal child.

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