Look at the Girl Who Was Born Without a Nose To See How She Looks Now

Tessa Evans is a normal young woman, but she has a rather unique characteristic: she was born without a nose. Aplasia, or the congenital lack of an organ or body part, is the medical term for this condition.

Tessa Evans: The girl born with no nose who always has a smile | Metro NewsNow eight years old, the child However, the parents were informed of an unusually flat face profile even after an ultrasound.
They decided not to terminate the pregnancy. They also took some time to adjust to the concept that their child would not have a nose, though.

Tessa je rođena bez nosa, ali je zato uvijek nasmijana: 'Kada dobijem nos,  prvo ću na njega staviti naočale' | Za mame i tate | Stvaran život

Tessa has no sinuses, but she can cough and even have a cold. Although this is only a small portion of the challenges that the girl’s parents and she herself must deal with. She had an unsuccessful cataract removal procedure that left the child blind in one eye.

Tessa; Born Extraordinary.
In order for the youngster to be able to breathe normally while eating, a tracheostomy procedure was also necessary.
The youngster will get a nose operation. It is anticipated that the nose will develop along with the baby’s physical development. The girl has already faced a long list of challenges, but she is still cheerful and smiling.

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