The Father Created a Beautiful Prom Dress for His Daughter, Turning Her Into the Prom Queen

All the girls want to stand out and be the most beautiful at the school graduation.
This American-born girl is fortunate to live here. With the help of the dress her father had sewn for her, she was able to dazzle everyone.

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Penda Gwayne, a graduate of one of the New York institutions, was unconcerned about her prom attire. She didn’t have to comb through the entire Internet for the ideal clothing. She didn’t blow a fortune on her image.

The young lady is fortunate that her father, Abdullah, is a skilled tailor. The man made a stunning traditional lilac garment on his own, designing and sewing it himself.

The father made his daughter a prom queen, sewing a luxurious prom dress from her

On Facebook, Penda posted a picture of her outfit. Tens of thousands of people have liked and commented on Abdullah’s work. Everyone thanked the instructor and mentioned how lucky the girl was to have her father in her life.

The father made his daughter a prom queen, sewing a luxurious prom dress from her

Curiously, Abdullah frequently sews outfits for Rama, his second daughter. He also began making clothes for Penda’s female friends. “My favorite clothes to wear are those that my father designed. They are consistently charming and comfortable. Dad produces them rapidly because he has become so talented. I guess I already know what dress I will be wearing when I decide to get married,” the girl admits.


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