While Still in the Womb, One of the Twins Saved the Life of Her Sister

Leah McBride’s pregnancy was going well. But soon she learned that one of the twins, Poppy McBride, had a slowing heartbeat. The twins were 31 weeks and 5 days old at the time. Due to the baby’s extremely sluggish and risky heartbeat, the doctors made the urgent decision to deliver the infant.

When the girls were delivered, the physicians discovered that Winnie had weak lungs despite never expressing any concern for her. They came to the conclusion that Poppy had sent out a distress signal based on this information, even though she had no heart problems.

Leah McBride, the mother, says that the doctors informed her that Winnie would not have lived if they had waited longer for the twins to be born and that Poppy saved her sister’s life.
The doctors told us, “I think your little twin saved her sister’s life,” according to the mother of the twins from Lake Jackson, Texas. “Poppy’s pulse was at the limit, so they had to deliver her, but after delivery she was completely well,” the mother of the twins said.

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Both Winnie and the daughters are now healthy because Poppy continues to take care of Winnie in the same manner that she did while the girls were still within their mother.

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