The Unusual But Powerful Married Couple’s Story 

People have a habit of turning a minor issue into a major one out of thin air. People start to suffer, worry, and punish themselves before realizing there is nothing wrong.

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But just next to us are people whose issues date back to their conception. And this in no way stopped them from becoming who they were, living an active lifestyle, and having a great time. Such folks should be our role models because of their positivity and capacity to savor each moment.

These are the people we honor in today’s article.  Paulo Gabriel da Silva Barros and Catusia Li Hoshino, are the tiniest married couple ever recorded by the Guinness Book of Records.

Paulo, who is 31 years old and just 90 cm tall, is 1 cm. taller than his wife, Katusia, who is 28 years old.
Social networks helped connect young people. They initially wrote to each other for a while before meeting for the first time. It was followed by their marriage a few years later.

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The married couple does not have an easy life in a world that was designed for people of average height. They still try to live full lives and do not give up. Katusia works at a beauty salon, while Paulo works as a secretary for a legal office.



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