What Happened to the World’s Oldest Father?

In 1916, Ramjit Raghav was born in northern India. He was a professional wrestler when he was younger, and after leaving wrestling, he became a police officer.
He was too busy for personal affairs. It wasn’t until he retired that he began to consider starting a family.
Since Shakuntala was 18 years old, Ramjit Raghav has known her. The Indian, however, did not interfere with the girl’s relationship at the time because it was a serious one.

Haryana man, at 96, become world's oldest father to have a second child in  2 years | India News – India TV

Shakuntala left after nearly 30 years. Then she and Ramjit started having a relationship. The couple soon got married.
Ramjit and Shakuntala had their first child in 2010. when the unique married pair started to receive media attention. The 94-year-old farmer became known as the oldest parent in the world. Even more people started to visit the farm.

Indian farmer Ramajit Raghav, 94, claims to be world's oldest father |  Daily Mail Online
Shakuntala learned she was expecting again about a year and a half later. This time, the parents desired a female child, but destiny gave them a second son.

The media once more focused on Ramjit’s family, and he broke his record, securing his place in the Guinness Book of Records.
2020 began with a break in Ramjit’s life. The record holder was 104 years old at the time. Furthermore, his title as “the oldest father in the world” has not yet been broken.

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