A New Photo of the Woman Who Used To Weigh 328 KG Has Been Shared. Look at the Woman’s Current Appearance

Ashley Dunn-Bratcher told online users about her life. After learning what this brave woman had to endure, it is impossible to remain indifferent. Ashley was like her friends up until the age of six, but when her father left the family, everything changed.

The girl’s parents went through a difficult divorce, and it was later revealed that her mother had no need of her at all. Ashley was raised by a nanny since Ashley’s mother missed giving her daughter the care she needed.

The problem got worse when the girl’s babysitter started bugging her. Ashley repressed her feelings because she was unable to express them to her mother. Ashley began to gain weight quickly. At the age of 27, after raising her 5-year-old son alone, Ashley made the decision to share her experience.

She said that the boy prepared food, put items in the washing machine, and cleaned the house while assisting her with household tasks. Ashley was unable to complete her own homework.

She rarely left the house and sat on the couch all the time. She was unable to stand or move around due to back pain. The miserable woman made the decision to have surgery to reduce the size of her tummy.
Ashley was able to lose nearly 100 kg in a year.She now weighs 226 kg.Although she is happy with the outcome, she is aware that it is not the end of her aspirations. Ashley won’t end her efforts there.


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