Look at the Girl Who Once Weighed 100 KG but Later Got Herself Together and Won a Beauty Contest

Lack of friends, mockery, and complexes. But things can improve significantly. The tale of Joan Joseph serves as evidence for this.
Joan weighed about 60 kg when she was just seven years old. Her life was plagued by being overweight.
The girl reached a weight of 100 kilograms at the age of 13. Naturally, she had a bad day at school every day.

She turned to food for comfort, which led to further weight gain.

The girl was constantly made fun of at school because she lacked friends. In this depressing world, her only solaces were food and music.
The girl, however, had the power to drastically alter everything. She started to lose weight when she was 16 and understood that she wanted to take control of her life.

She started exercising and following a strict diet. In a field next to her house, she ran for two hours every evening.

Joan came to the realization that someone will always be unhappy with her and that their opinion is irrelevant.
She kept up the good work on her appearance. She changed her look, got a haircut, started wearing makeup, and kept up her athletic endeavors. Later, she started registering for beauty contests.
She took home the Miss Selangor crown in 2016. Joana was raised in the Malaysian state of Selangor.


The girl became the most well-known contestant as a result of her story.


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