The Little Foal Takes Refuge Inside a Huge Teddy Bear After Learning of His Mother’s Rejection

An enormous teddy bear and a rescued foal had the best bond ever!

Breeze, as he is known, was given up for adoption by his mother shortly after birth. A farmer found the little Dartmoor Hill pony, and they informed the Mare and Foal Sanctuary in Devon, UK. When the rescue team arrived on the scene, the newborn foal was in a terrible condition of discomfort. He was confused and dehydrated, and everyone feared the worst.

Teddy Bear Helps Orphaned Foal To Sleep And Feel Comforted

However, things began to look better once they took him to the sanctuary because it seemed the young child received the solace he required. And it wasn’t given to him by a staff member or an adoptive mother; rather, his caregivers presented it to him in the form of a huge teddy bear.

Sadly, young Breeze’s mother is not present to give him companionship, according to Syra Bowden, executive director of the refuge. It has been lovely to watch him interact with his new teddies and cuddle up to them before bed. They offer him excellent company and comfort during the limited times that his caregivers are not there.

Orphaned foal turns to giant teddy bear to keep him company - Horse & Hound

It seems that the sanctuary offers toy animals for orphans rather frequently.

“We always provide a huge cuddly toy as a companion for our orphaned foals,” said Bowden. In the way that it comforts them, they resemble human newborns. A technique that appears to be pretty effective!

Orphaned pony finds comfort in teddy bear and warms everyone's heart

After a couple of crucial weeks during which he was given a special milk formula and the proper medications, Breeze is doing fantastic now. In addition, his teddy bear friend is at fault. According to Bowden, he is getting bigger and stronger every day. He just started playing in the field, and he likes being outside and has no fear of anything.

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