Going to the Hospital to Visit Her Dearest Friend Makes the Little Dog Happy

Maria Eduarda spent weeks in the hospital after finding out that she had cancer. She and her family were going through a difficult period. Amora, her beloved dog, was waiting for her at home, but she had to keep away from them both.

“I really missed her”, she said. She then received the best treatment possible. It was more than she often receives.

Knowing that Eduarda and Amora were close, Eduarda’s mother planned a surprise for Eduarda. Months had passed since she last saw her dog. Amora should see her, her mother and doctor decided. She hadn’t experienced a day like that in a very long time.

Amora and Eduarda reunited at that point. It was obvious that they both had missed one another.

Those were hard times for them both. She felt better than ever after that visit. She thought over their house when they were together and was relieved that everything will soon be back to normal. Thank god it wasn’t too far.

She currently lives at home and continues to get cancer therapy. The nicest thing is that she shares a home with her lovely dog, Amora. She loves her and is quite familiar with her. When Eduarda is sick, depressed, or merely sad, Amora can tell. They are unable to be apart because she helps her feel better.

She is by her side for all of her medical procedures, giving her the support she needs.

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