For the Last Year, a Woman Has Shared Her Home With a Huge Spider

An unexpected houseguest has been staying with Annette Gray in her Australian home these days. Charlotte is her given name. She is a massive spider who stumbled inside one day and decided to stay.

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Charlotte, according to Gray’s son, Jake, is a huntsman spider, a species that can get fairly large but is actually extremely kind. When left alone, huntsman spiders pose little danger to humans. And Jake’s mother has taken the same approach to Charlotte, letting her be.

“We’ve seen [Charlotte] mature in the last year or two,” Jake explained. “[She] was never bothering us. She wanders throughout the house, popping up in different rooms and eating all the bugs. “

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Charlotte has obviously been very active with that activity.

“[She] is around 15 cm wide,” Jake said. That is almost 6 inches.

Annette later stated online, “I think [Charlotte] is becoming bigger.”

Woman shares house with massive spider for over a year and loves it

Some of the Grays’ family and friends have joked that the house should be burned on fire to get rid of Charlotte because of the spider, which has caused quite a stir. Annette, on the other hand, is fortunate in that she understands what it takes to be a good host, even to spiders who have come in.

“I don’t murder them,” she wrote in a letter. Charlotte is completely risk-free.

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