A Monkey Attacks a Tourist

At this time, attacks on visitors by monkeys are becoming more frequent. As a result, you should always take caution when visiting tourist destinations that are home to a lot of monkeys. They frequently assault and take your belongings. These creatures will pursue visitors while they go out in search of food. They may at first think this behavior is cute and funny. To steal bags, wallets, caps, cameras, food, or whatever else they can get their hands on, they will then leap on the tourist.

This cheeky monkey pulled the tourist’s top-down while jumping on top of her, nearly showing her boobs. Brittany Bowman was visiting Chiang Mai, Thailand, with friends to see the native monkeys.

The Los Angeles, California, resident let the infant climb up her leg and into her shorts despite her already high level of anxiety. The monkey caught hold of her off-the-shoulder black blouse as she tried to swing up to her shoulders and almost revealed her breast before Brittany was able to save herself from shame.

“It caused everyone in the room to laugh uncontrollably and nearly cry”, Brittany said. I was simply so terrified that the monkey would leap on me that I didn’t even think about how it would pull my top down. He must have been hunting for breast milk.  “Everything seemed so accidental; I’m just glad we got pictures of it.”

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