With Her Eyelashes, the Woman Broke the World Record; It’s Difficult To Imagine How Long They Are

Yu Jianxia, a resident of Shanghai, broke the world record twice in a row.

This Woman Holds the Guinness World Record for Longest Eyelashes | Allure

The fact is, this woman has the longest eyelashes that grow naturally. Since 2016, her name has been listed in the Guinness Book of Records.
Her eyelashes reached their highest length of 12.4 cm only five years ago; by 2021, they were already 20.5 cm (they are longer on the left eyelid than the right). She did so twice, breaking the record.

You Jianxia: Woman With World's Longest Eyelash Breaks Her Own Record

Jianxia’s tale is very incredible. She didn’t always have such thick eyelashes. They used to be quite common, like other people.

Yu Jianxia noted that after spending 18 months in the highlands, her eyelashes started to grow. It took place in 2013. She spent more than a year meditating and unwinding away from the busy city in the heart of nature.
“All of a sudden, I became aware that my eyelashes were beginning to grow.” They grew steadily longer. I was shocked and went to several doctors to learn the cause of this strange occurrence. The doctors were unable to comment on the situation. All they did was raise their hands.

Woman breaks own Guinness World Record for longest eyelash | Lifestyle  News,The Indian Express

Jianxia describes her eyelashes as a real miracle. She added that she doesn’t need to spend a half-hour in front of a mirror applying mascara because her eyelashes don’t get in the way of her daily activities. When her eyelashes are styled correctly, they contribute to the overall look.

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